Guided tour in English


costs: 18,50€ / person incl. VAT
duration 2,5 hours
contains: 2 different beer stiles, hops tea, hops lemonade, schuxn
(Speciality of Bavarian bakery) Edelbeer stile barrique aged beer with chocolate

Welcome to our hop farm - What gives beer it`s real flavor and a beautiful head?
German beer: often imitated, never duplicated!
Come take a trip into the world of beer and hops in Germany`s premiere hop growing region, the Hallertau.
Soak in the summer sun, while standing beneath towering rows of aromatic hops, all privately planted and harvested by the Stiglmaier Family since 1693.
Feel the prickle of twisting vines between your fingers, smell the blossoming hop cones and experience the harvest that help creates one of Germany`s most famous products.
Welcome to our farm and join us on a journey through our Homeland.

Best regards

This can be expected in a real Hops Tour by Elisabeth:
- Welcome on the farm by Hop farmer and beer sommelier Elisabeth Stiglmaier
- walk to the village church, introduction to the region and why hop is growing so well here
- visit to the hop garden: experience about cultivation of hops and the work cycle throughout the year
- take a sit in the harvest barn and watch a short film about hop harvest, processing and trade
- Hops and health: hops tea with rose leaves and the effects for your health
- great finale in beer-tasting-barn: two beer tastings, a special craft beer and a nobles beer, with special chocolate, Hops schuxn (specialty of Bavarian bakery), stories and Zither music and sing along

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